Server Configuration!

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Server Configuration!

Post  JACkBAUEr on Tue Apr 10, 2012 8:17 am

Hi, just to let you all know whats going on with server
It was laggin 3 days ago so i reinstalled but it get worst after that
And pings go to shit :S idk why, Maybe i made something wrong,
so i reinstalled, and for me it looks Ok. Not Lag and Nomal ping

I explain a little how the ping works so everybody knows
Ping can be afected by your own conection (maybe is just a crap like mine)
the top hours like middle day and sunset when start geting from work to their home
the ping at the server in that hour will be a 100% sure that will increase a little bit more than usual
But most important is about the server configuration, where is the part where i deal with.

In the server configuration there some lines call this way:
Those lines works to make the server with best ping or worst ping
the problem with this is that the standart values are this ones 60-60
But if i change the values to 100 we will definitly have a nicer ping,
example if i had usually 110 now i can have 85-90 and so on, but theres a detail
on that, SERVER CAN CRASH, why? who the fucks know but server get fuck off sometimes
when we modify this values, usually after some hours or some days, we were all already pass for that
Right Now the server is with the standart values we can play with that a little and make it 65 - 70 - 75
Just tell me how good is doing the server about lag and ping, and if is not necesary to touch that
(mean if we can play like it is right now, if is aceptable), we dont do it.

I hope this information have explain some doubts about many people that asked me about that
and for the visitors who want to overhauling Laughing their own server!

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